Mobile CCTV Surveillance

Mobile CCTV Surveillance system helps you monitor your property while on the move. Property like cars, taxi cabs, buses, trucks, trains, boats, ships, vessels etc can be monitored remotely from anywhere in the world real-time while on the go and footage stored on a physical hard-drive or in the cloud. Mobile DVR’s are used for this surveillance and it could also work as a vehicle tracking device. Our major goal is to build a safe transportation system across Lagos in particular and Nigeria in general.

Our tailored CCTV solutions have been designed and developed in connection with the following market segment and providing the complete CCTV installation services:

• Cars (Transport companies, Taxis & Cabs)
• School Buses.
• Vans (Deliveries, Couriers)
• Trucks and Trailers (Logistics & Road Transport)
• Buses & Coaches (Staff Transports, Public Transport, Tours and Travels)
• Heavy Vehicles (Forklifts, Cranes)
• ATM Counters and Lifts
• Ships (Ferries, Vessels, Yachts, Liners)< br> • Special Vehicles (Cash in Transit Vehicles, Ambulances, Police other Emergency Vehicles)
• Railways (Trams, Metros)

Major benefits of deploying the mobile DVR as follows:

• Reduction in lost and stolen cargo.
• Effective monitoring of mobile assets without physical presence on the vehicle.
• Reduce erroneous reporting of incidents in cases of accidents, missing inventories and on board incidents among passengers or driving staff.
• Huge improvements in safety and security of drivers and passengers.
• Significant improvements in fuel efficiency.