Warehouse CCTV Surveillance:

Residential Surveillance Systems are now becoming more affordable, and homeowners are becoming more aware of their capabilities and benefits. Cameras can now being connected to TV screens, allowing the resident to view their driveway, entrance or child’s bedroom at the click of a button, and can be connected to your broadband internet service, giving you the ability to view your house from virtually any location in the world through your laptop or Smartphone.

‘Nanny Cams’ are becoming increasingly popular and can be concealed virtually anywhere inside your house. Concealed covert surveillance cameras which record the actions of a nanny or child care provider, are helpful in gathering evidence and information about supposed wrongdoings.

Virgo residential surveillance also cater for multi-tenanted dwellings and residential estates, for body corporates and communities who are planning camera installations to view the entrances and exits of common lobby areas and residential estates- sometimes opting for Registration cameras to record number plates.

We can design, install and maintain covert and overt CCTV and IP video systems and we specialise in finding the right solution to suit your needs and your budget. Instalment payments also available.