Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management

Virgo communication's National Technical Control Centre and Client Help Desk operate 24-hours a day, 365 days a year, providing assistance to our clients nationwide and coordinating our support personnel. We provide real-time vehicle tracking solutions using GPS,GPRS with SMS Support. We track your vehicle's location, speed, route and Course heading using Wireless Web tracking and reporting your vehicle with flexible (AVL) Automatic Vehicle Location Solutions. Our complete off-the-shelf and end-to-end solutions incorporate the latest in wireless hardware, software and web-based technologies. We have flexible customized packages tailored to meet your specific needs. No matter the size of your fleet, we have you covered.


  • Locating vehicles with ease
  • Real-time position report
  • Event notifications via SMS
  • Current positioning via SMS
  • Immobilisation and demobilisation

How The System Works

Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management Solution is one of our core specialties at Virgo Communications Limited. We take responsibility from placement of orders to installations, maintenance, support, trainings and monitoring. We also provide professional and tailor-suited value added services that will meet and satisfy your needs. There are well trained personnel with valuable experience in providing the solutions and related applications. Below is a diagrammatic representation of how the system works.

The VirgoTrack unit is installed in a suitable part of the vehicle without any damage to its operations. The units on the vehicles will be registered unto the software in the Control Centre from where they will be monitored. The units are fitted with a GPS and GSM antennae as well as a SIM card. With the GPS antennae, it will pick up signals from GPS satellites in space to help acquire the location of the vehicle (longitude and latitude), date (YYYY,MM,DD), time (HH,MM,SS), direction/orientation as well as speed (km/h). All these data is stored on the unit and is sent periodically using GPRS over the GSM Network of the SIM card to a Server set up at a remote location. The client software can now have access to the data from the Server set up via internet connection using secure log-in details with username and password.

All the vehicles of a particular client are allocated to his account on the database ensuring that he has access to them from time to time. The software has a map window and unit info window. The location of the vehicles are plotted on the map, while the other details like Vehicle Reg. No., unit ID, SIM No., location, date, time, speed, driver details, etc are displayed in the unit window. The software has the tools with capabilities needed to perform administrative, management and monitoring functions on the operations of the vehicles as and when required.

Units and Software

There are two different vehicle tracking and fleet management units which make up the VirgoTrack brand – VT2000 and VT2100. They are results of innovative and creative technological research which have stood the test of time. The units are portable mobile vehicle tracking devices with integrated GPS receiver, a GSM cell phone and a sophisticated mini-operating system.

All vehicle tracking solutions come with an appropriate software application that manages the data gathered by the units. Typically, this program allows an administrator to view maps of a vehicle location and speed, while showing the time of day and whether the engine was on or off. This software is designed to operate using a particular communications platform. Our software is called VirgoMonitor.

VT 2000 Unit (VirgoTrack2000)

The VT2000 unit is a state of the art device aimed at tracking and monitoring remote assets within GSM coverage. The device includes a sensitive GPS receiver, a GSM cell phone modem and a mini operating unit. It uses an advanced GPS chip that is sensitive giving position data to an accuracy of about 10meters. The GPS receiver is designed to get updates on vehicle location, date and time as well as speed at intervals as short as five seconds. It can be installed on cars, mini buses and other vehicle that use 12V battery supply.

VT 2100 (VirgoTrack2100)

VT2100 is the second type of the vehicle tracking and fleet management unit. It uses a voltage level of 24V. It can be installed on bigger buses, lorries, trucks and any other vehicle or mobile equipment that utilise 24V battery supply. The added advantage of this unit is that it has a camera that can take periodic snapshots of the contents of the vehicle and internal phone mobile which the driver can use to make and received calls.

The features of both units include but not limited to

  • Locating vehicles with ease
  • Real-time position report
  • Live tracking capability
  • ACC On/Off report
  • SOS emergency alarm
  • Low battery voltage alarm
  • Geo-Fence alarm
  • Over speed limit alarm
  • Remote Update
  • Tracking info recording
  • Current positioning via SMS
  • Mileage Statistics
  • Power supply and oil cut off
  • Immobilisation and Demobilisation


The VirgoMonitor is a windows-based GUI (Graphic User Interface) application which allows the administrators or clients interact with the system. With the VirgoMonitor, vehicles fitted with VirgoTrack units can be registered and added to any definable groups. It monitors the vehicles reporting to the system on a map, configures and manages zones, events, perform replays of where the assets have been, extracts reports as well as other meaningful functions.

VirgoTrack Benefits

  • SMS Alerts - You get to know every happening on your vehicle on your mobile phone
  • Over Speed Sensor - You can curb down excessive over speeding and reckless driving
  • Internet Tracking - You can view your vehicle via the internet and know its whereabouts
  • SMS Tracking - You can send a text message to your vehicle through our SMS Portal and get replies about its location within seconds
  • Engine Shut-down – Your vehicle(s) can be shut down if you report a theft to our Control Centre. It can be restored after it has been recovered as well.
  • Geo-fencing - You can build a fence around a geographical area specifying the extent to which your car can go, you can also know when it enters and leaves these areas.
  • Instant report on battery tamper – You get an SMS notification instantly if your battery is tampered with.
  • Security/Panic Button - You can notify VirgoTrack Control Centre by pressing the panic button in case of theft or any other emergency.
  • 24 hours Call/Support Centre - You can rest assured that some one will be happy to receive your calls and offer solution to your problems anytime.

3.3 System Specifications

The client’s PC will be required to serve as alternative means of monitoring their vehicles. The minimum requirements for the computers system are as follow:

  • Microsoft Windows with Pentium 4 (XP or Vista OS)
  • 1.6 GHz processor speed
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 40 GB HDD